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Dr. Joseph Lam

Dr Joseph Lam is driven by one thing—a passion to rescue suffering children from poverty and hopelessness all over the world.

As president and founder of World Children's Fund, he approaches a world of need with relentless energy that will fight until he sees every child rescued, cared for, and loved.

Joseph was born in colonial Hong Kong, China in 1958, and immigrated to the United States in 1966 with his mother. He played at her feet as she washed dishes in Chinese restaurants, struggling to survive in the United States. Much of Joseph’s passion to help needy children came from the suffering and sacrifice he experienced in these early days.

As he grew older, Joseph traveled abroad and came face to face with the horrors of poverty and suffering around the world. He began a personal search to find a way to make a difference.

Then in 1982, Joseph had a life-changing encounter with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, India. Her selfless devotion to the sick and dying opened Joseph’s eyes to a whole new world of compassionate outreach. He saw first-hand the impact of leading through humanitarian service.
He knew then that he had to do something to stop the atrocities he saw in the streets of Calcutta and other third world countries, and this passion developed into his life-long goal of helping others—especially needy children.

In the mid-90s, Joseph started his first children’s project and opened the World Children’s Fund in the United States. Almost from the start, he traveled the world helping compassionate people set up indigenous WCF-style organizations in their own countries.

Joseph has now helped groups in 12 different countries organize separate, local WCF-patterned organizations that are making a difference in children’s lives all over the world.
In 1998, before reaching 40, Dr. Joseph Lam was honored with a Ph.D. from Liberty University (Virginia, USA) for "his distinguished humanitarian efforts to save the lives of needy children."

As long as there are children in need, Joseph will continue to push forward and innovate new and creative ways to reach out and change lives with compassionate aid.

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